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    Friends rewatch - 1x07 - TOW The Blackout

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    Happy 9th birthday, Half-Blood Prince! (16 July, 2005)

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    Miniature Romeo and Juliet book by evminiatures! In this beautiful leather bound book, the entirety of Romeo and Juliet is printed, but you might need a magnifier to read it! 

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    Shot this miniature about building tastier fruits and veggies for the July issue of Scientific American. Thanks to creative Monica Bradley and prop stylist Birte Von Kampen.  

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    Tom Felton: A Tour of Diagon Alley

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    Stop Trying To Kiss Band Members At Shows



    It really, really can’t be that difficult. Following the very publicized event that took place at a The Story So Far show last year, there were several similar incidents at a Tigers Jaw show last night. Incredibly offensive audience members attempted to kiss Britty Drake from Pity Sex and Brianna Collins from Tigers Jaw on stage. POZ had a team member at the show who can confirm the news, and you can check out tweets and photos from the night below after the jump.  

    Update: Tigers Jaw Release Statement: It Is Never Okay To Touch Someone Without Their Consest

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